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Model 1 Auto Ranging Digital Gauge™

Industry Game Changer! With the use of our patented A.R.T. (Auto Ranging Technology™) the MODEL 1 is the first and only digital gauge capable of spanning from Absolute vacuum to 3000psi while maintaining an outstanding 0.05% of Reading. With this new and improved accuracy and large and vibrant SMART display, it puts the MODEL 1 truly in a league of its own!


  • +/- 0.05% of reading, +/- .01% fs, +/- one digit <50PSI fs = 50PSI, >50PSI fs=3000
  • Units: psi, Bar, psia, inches of H2O, inHg, mmHg, Absolute
  • (additional units can be added upon request: kPa, mmH20, kg/cm2, BarsAbsolute, mBarAbsolute, mmHgAbsolute, , mBar)
  • Temperature Compensation: -10°c to +50°c (32-120f)
  • Connection: 1/4” NPT Male
  • Weight - 2 lbs
  • Made in the USA

MODEL 3-50-7 EZ-HART Calibration Communicator

The Winchester 3-50-7 is a standalone tablet based HART® communication tool

Model 2 Wide Range Digital Gauge™

Like the Model 1, the Model 2 will replace the need to use many gauges of different ranges to achieve and maintain high accuracy

M-Series Analog Gauge

The M-Series Analog Gauge comes in a variety of display sizes and ranges to suit our exact needs. The protective rubber boot will

Pressure Gauges


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