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The newly redesigned MODEL 1 is outstanding!

I am glad that you convinced me to trade in my older Winchester for the newer model. I really like the large display and added features such as auto shut off on and off.

By Dave Jiron - El Colton LLC, Colton CA

Great value and performance!

This newly redesigned MODEL 1 that we purchased has more capabilities and better accuracy than any gauge we have ever used. My team has requested that we only purchase the MODEL 1 gauges going forward.

By Derek Burns - San Miguel Generating Station, Jourdanton, TX

MVP-600WiN are bulletproof!

They take a beating and just keep on going. You won’t be sorry to add them to your tool arsenal.

By Wolfgang List - Portland Water Bureau, Portland OR.

Very Accurate

My guys absolutely love the Winchester. Very accurate and no need to use three gauges to do my work. I highly recommend it.

By Josh Rhodes - Emra Energy

Great Product!!

The Model 1 Digital Pressure Gauge is a great and versatile product that replaces the need to use many gauges of different types and ranges. It also functions as an absolute pressure gauge and has auto-ranging capability. Using multiple internal strain gauges, this one gauge is extremely cost effective because it replaces the need to purchase several gauges. Certification costs are also greatly lowered by reducing the number of gauges that need to be sent out for annual calibration. I highly recommend this product!

By Pete B - Emera Energy

Easily Ordered Online

Very pleased with the Winchester MODEL 1. It is extremely easy to learn and operate. I ordered it online and it was uneventful. The instrument showed up as promised with no issues!

By Theo Edwards - Peoples TWP

High Accuracy at Low Pressure

We find it offers a high level of accuracy through the entire span, even on the really low end.

By Jim Story - TVA, Chattanooga TN

Beats the Crystal

I was out on a job and my new Crystal gauge died only after using it 3 times. I asked some of my peers what they recommended and they all said Winchester. It is tough! We are extremely pleased and I highly recommend it.

By Allan Wofford - Engine Tubing in Odesa, TX


We are very happy with our pumps and gauges we purchased from East Hills. The service is outstanding! They called me a few weeks later as a follow up to make sure we were pleased with the equipment.

By Eric Herbert - Entergy, MA.

Instrumentation Tech

The Winchester Model 1 is a great gauge! Its design makes it tough enough to handle the elements of the mill atmosphere. The Warranty is amazing and Corey @ EHI is great to work with!

By Douglas

One and Done

We really like the Winchester. It eliminates the need to purchase/use/calibrate multiple PC6 calibrators. Def want to buy more.

By Don York - Jet Aviation


The Magnum Pro and Winchester have been trouble free. I purchased them a few years ago and they are still going strong. I highly recommend them.

By Keith Ledbetter - Mississippi Power Co.

Definitely Recommend

I purchased two Winchesters in Feb. and they do everything I want them to do. My guys are real happy with them. I would definitely recommend them

By Rick Montalvo

No logging software available.

Logging software is not currently available, with no ETA for availability- logging capability should be removed from the product descriptions and literature until this is resolved. Otherwise, a nice gauge

By Tech

3 in 1

I used to have to juggle 3 different gauges to get the pressure range I need, but now I only have to carry around 1.

By Bret Evins - Anadarko

Incredible Warranty

One of my guys cracked the screen and I found out it is covered by warranty... that is awesome!

By Greg Wozniak - Process Control Services

Auto Range = Durability

What I like about the Winchester MODEL 1 is the auto ranging feature. I don’t have to worry about slamming it with a gust of pressure and blowing the instrument.

By Steve Seymor - Salt River Project

Exxon Mobil

One of my techs dropped the Winchester 15 feet onto diamond plate and it still works fine, other gauges would have been destroyed.

By D. Gordon

Fast Shipping

I was impressed with how fast I received the gauges and how they were packaged…the pens were a nice touch too. I have already used one of the gauges… so far I’m really satisfied.

By M. Casey - Hospira, NC.

Really Happy

The guys are really happy with the Mangum Pro Analog gauges. We purchased three 1500 psi gauges a few months ago and they are still going strong. The gauges are equal to their Magnum Pro Calibration Pumps. Great products.

By John Fabry - Equitable Gas, PA.

Rugged and Accurate

We have found the MODEL 2 to be extremely rugged and very accurate. I look forward to ordering more.