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"We can handle the pressure” ™

For almost three decades our family-owned and operated company has been driven by its core values. These values are focused around customer issues and solutions with a commitment to excellence.

At Winchester Engineering we welcome, as well as embrace, customer application issues. These issues are the driving force that gives our engineering team direction in developing solutions. We then take those solutions and incorporate them into our equipment. Customer collaboration drives our vision for excellence in pressure measurement technology that works seamlessly with the infrastructure of today and the possibilities of tomorrow!

In an industry dominated by well-established companies, Winchester Engineering has been able to grow exponentially over the years because of a drive fueled by innovation. To date, we are the first and only company to offer A.R.T. (Auto Ranging Technology). This patented technology gives the end user the ability to span a wide range while maintaining a high level of accuracy throughout the entire span.

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