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Winchester Engineering has rapidly become the digital gauge of choice. A single Winchester Engineering Gauge will replace up to seven competing gauges. Less gauges means fewer gauges to calibrate and maintain each year. Model 1 uses patent pending technology to maintain .1% of reading accuracy from absolute vacuum to 3000psi. This will eliminate costly mistakes due to over-ranging.

Why Magnum Pro?

  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 2 Year “Quibble-Free” Warranty
  • Used in over 2/3 of US Power Plants
  • 0 Reasons NOT To Try


“With the model 1 there was no need to use different range gauges. Great instrument and very pleased.”
Ben Machlitt, Koch Pipeline Company, MN
“wow! Pretty dam versatile… reads in both PsiA and PsiG.. For a handheld instrument, great value for the money.”
Rick Rossberg, Cal Coast Metrology Lab, San Diego, CA
“I tried the Winchester Engineering Auto Ranging MODEL 1 digital gauge on a 30 day risk free trial instead of the Crystal / Amatek gauge that we were used to using. When comparing the two I found that it offers the same level of accuracy and functionality but no need to use 2 or 3 of them to span the range. Also The MODEL 1 is ¼ male and requires no adapter. Great instrument!”
Jeramie Hogue, Enterprise Products Hobbs, NM



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